First chance to Occupy the Vote

Posted on November 6, 2011


Today I visited OccupySF for the first time and came away moved and impressed by the compelling social experiment in action.

And I found out that one of the very first demands that OWS ever made was to get the money out of politics.  For me, this is what I’ve always thought was the key change we needed to reduce or eliminate corporate influence on how this country is run.

I believe that this Nov 8th, the SF Mayoral election will be the first election held in an “Occupied” city since the movement started.  So, this is the first chance to show that the Occupy movement can make a real difference in politics.

My proposal, which I’m hoping to bring to the OccupySF folks sometime today, is to do march to City Hall tomorrow, Nov 7th, with 2 main messages:

#1  Go Vote!  One of the best way to send a message of change is to get as many of the 99% voting as possible

#2 Vote out dishonesty and corruption!  Of the 15 candidates for Mayor, there’s one who’s documented breaking his word and has the most reported on possible ties to corruption – that’s Liar Ed Lee. For more info, see this page: Liar Lee

We’ll see what happens, but I hope that the Occupy movement doesn’t miss this opportunity to take direct action on a core value that I think most of the movement probably agrees with.









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